A-SPAN strives to end homelessness in Arlington through housing and ongoing case management. Learn more about our housing programs.

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Supportive Services

A-SPAN provides supportive services as we work with clients towards housing. Learn more about our medical, employment and Opportunity Place programs.

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A-SPAN provides shelter and shelter-based supports. Beds provide a life-sustaining service and ensure regular contact case managers need with clients to help them build greater self-sufficiency.

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Street Services

A-SPAN’s services begin on the streets. Programs such as Street Outreach provide both critical care and a link to further services.

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A-SPAN Housing Veterans

Mr. Hill was the keynote speaker at the 100,000 Homes press conference on June 11th.

“I didn’t think it would happen to me,” said Mr. Alvin Hill.  It is a common refrain for people when first facing homelessness.  That thought is what occurred to…

July 21, 2014News Archive Success Stories

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From Homeless to Homeowner


After being honorably discharged in 1975, John – like many Vietnam veterans – struggled with mental illness and sought treatment for his condition in Bethesda.  After being released, he…

July 16, 2014Success Stories

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How Many Homeless People Live Here? We Can Only Count Who We Find

Volunteers look for homeless camps along the Potomac.</p>
<p>Photo: Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post

One of the most frequently asked questions about homelessness: Just how many people are homeless in Arlington? (and in DC and in the region and in the country?) According…

May 15, 2014News

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