Coming Home Breakfast- 4/7/17


A-SPAN’s 4th Annual Coming Home Breakfast

Friday April 7, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our 4th annual Coming Home Breakfast! We are so grateful to the community for its outpouring of generosity in support of our vision to end homelessness in Arlington. Many were moved to tears and inspiration after hearing the story of Mr. Fay and his journey from homelessness to home, while battling illness and dejection. Our own nurse practitioner Kasia Shaw was with him every step of the way. Watch their story here.

Keynote speaker Pinkie Mayfield left everyone energized with her call to action and her own personal story of beating the odds. She ended her remarks with the very important message that “you have the power TODAY to change someone’s life.” In that spirit, click here if you were unable to attend the Coming Home Breakfast and wish to help A-SPAN by making an online donation.