Our Staff

Staff Title Email Address Direct Line
Betsy Frantz President/CEO bfrantz@a-span.org 703-228-7807
Leonard Chari Vice President, Operations lchari@a-span.org 703-228-7810
Beatrice Robinson Human Resources brobinson@a-span.org 703-228-7804
Gee Harris Director of Finance gharris@a-span.org 703-228-7806
Dawn Williams Staff Accountant dwilliams@a-span.org 703-228-7816
Scott Miller Senior Director of Development smiller@a-span.org 703-228-7809
Liz Nohra Director of Branding and Communications lnohra@a-span.org
David Simon Director of Grants dsimon@a-span.org 703-228-7808
Center Day Program
David Ordonez Manager, Outreach and Day Program dordonez@a-span.org 703-228-7853
Jane Makori Day/Outreach Case Manager jmakori@a-span.org 703-228-7803
Mikila Spriggs Day/Outreach Program Monitor mspriggs@a-span.org 703-228-7803
Housing Department
Ayana Bellamy Director of Federal/State Housing Programs abellamy@a-span.org 703-228-7840
Erika Hinson Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager ehinson@a-span.org 703-228-7813
Meryl Ottenstein Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager mottenstein@a-span.org 703-228-7814
Ruth Maul Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager rmaul@a-span.org 703-228-7818
Jamila Bullock Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager jbullock@a-span.org 703-228-7861
Kelly Brown Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager kbrown@a-span.org
Sam Gatewood Homelessness Prevention Case Manager sgatewood@a-span.org 703-228-7830
Brad Calkin Rapid Re-housing Case Manager bcalkin@a-span.org 703-228-7858
Leonard Carter Housing Locator lcarter@a-span.org 703-228-7832
Paul Scott Permanent Supportive Housing Monitor pscott@a-span.org 703-480-5090
Barbara Hall Life Skills Coach bhall@a-span.org 703-490-5090
Kenney Kluttz Life Skills Coach kkluttz@a-span.org 703-445-3370
Lolita Winters Life Skills Coach lwinters@a-span.org 703-445-3370
Center Shelter Program
Terrance Toussaint Senior Director of HSC Programs ttoussaint@a-span.org 703-228-7842
Tiara Reed Assistant Shelter Director treed@a-span.org 703-228-7859
Frances Mack Senior Shelter Case Manager fmack@a-span.org 703-228-7811
Gabrielle Goodson Shelter Case Manager ggoodson@a-span.org 703-228-7856
Monica Boyd HSC Day Shelter Monitor mboyd@a-span.org 703-228-7802
Endia Short HSC Day Shelter Monitor eshort@a-span.org 703-228-7802
Ernest Benjamin Shelter Monitor ebenjamin@a-span.org 703-228-7802
Darryl Johns Shelter Monitor djohns@a-span.org 703-228-7802
Linda Coker Shelter Monitor lcoker@a-span.org 703-228-7802
Kitchen Program
Glenn Jahnsen Kitchen Manager/Chef gjahnsen@a-span.org 703-228-7883
Jeremiah Campbell Part Time Cook jcampbell@a-span.org 703-228-7883
Medical Respite Program
Kasia Shaw Director of Medical Respite & Nursing Services kshaw@a-span.org 703-228-7854
Sarah Akisi Medical Assistant sakisi@a-span.org 703-228-7876