Housing is His Recipe for Success

on September 6, 2011 Success Stories with 0 comments

Graduate from DC Central Kitchen’s Arlington Culinary Training Program moves into his own apartment. Fall 2011 The weight that James Muse carried for years was a by-product of a substance abuse problem he has now overcome. His addiction led the native Arlingtonian to commit a robbery, which landed him in jail. After serving time, Mr. […]

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Housing Is Her Roadmap to Wellness

on May 6, 2011 Success Stories with 0 comments

“Being homeless… you are in this long, lonesome tunnel. Most days, you just want to be ignored. It’s embarrassing.” Spring 2011 Her words speak to the thoughtfulness of the woman behind them. But they also suggest an endless struggle to locate services and stay healthy as a single woman living on the streets. Originally from […]

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“I Was Out Of Resources…”

on April 6, 2010 Success Stories with 0 comments

Spring 2010 At the age of 57, after 40 years of struggling with alcohol, Nathaniel Randolph made a choice. He “could either die or go to jail. I was out of resources and I couldn’t get a grip on nothing.” He called his friend and asked to be taken to a detox program at Arlington’s […]

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A-SPAN Team Helps Darren Clark

on September 6, 2009 Success Stories with 0 comments

Fall 2009 Darren Clark is a middle-aged African-American man with a warm smile and a love for gospel music. Severe glaucoma has left him nearly blind and in need of surgery. Even without his vision, he knows the streets of Rosslyn far too well.  He is one of 527 homeless people living on the streets of the County […]

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