COVID-19 Update

Just like at your home or place of work, COVID-19 turned A-SPAN’s world upside down. But unlike most places, we cannot close. The doors at the Homeless Services Center (HSC) are still open providing shelter, nursing services and three meals per day. In response to COVID-19, A-SPAN has implemented emergency protocols that impact staff, volunteers, food, general household and clothing donations in order to ensure client, staff and volunteer safety.

The health and well-being of our most vulnerable neighbors remains our mission focus during these difficult times. A-SPAN has plans in place to maintain a safe work environment for everyone while providing continued services to our clients. A-SPAN is following guidelines established by the CDC.

Not surprisingly, we have had an outpouring of concern from community members like you asking what you can do. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, A-SPAN has the immediate need for financial gifts. A-SPAN is committed to serve all in need and will remain ready and determined to serve our community. We need your help in addressing the short term and long term impact on our clients.

As volunteer organizations, local businesses and faith based groups have not been in a position to support A-SPAN, our greatest need is cash donations. Please consider making a donation to A-SPAN now.

Are you already signed up to purchase and prepare for the offsite (now suspended) Homeless Bagged Meal Program at A-SPAN? Consider donating the funds you had allocated for the purchase of food directly to A-SPAN. We need the cash gift as we are feeding more people at the Center every day and can use our increased buying power to further the food budget.

We thank you for your compassion and support. For more information on the importance of social distancing in protecting your health, see these graphics put together by the Washington Post. To learn more about what the precautions A-SPAN is taking to ensure the health and well-being of staff, clients, and the community click here.​

To learn more about A-SPAN’s COVID-19 related Wish List, please click here.