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“I helped end homelessness in Arlington.”

Get involved with A-SPAN and you’ll be able to say that. Thanks to our many volunteers and supporters, A-SPAN provides a broad range of services to individuals on the street or facing homelessness. Join the dedicated A-SPAN team to impact your community in a meaningful way.



Make a Financial Contribution.donate through network for good All contributions to A-SPAN are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to A-SPAN and mail to P.O. Box 100731, Arlington, Virginia, 22210. Or click on the Donate Now Button to the left to make a donation through the secure website Network for Good.

Donate Your Car: Donate your used vehicle to A-SPAN and get free towing and a tax-deduction.

Planned Giving: Let us know if you would like information about making a planned gift to A-SPAN.



Volunteer Information:

Due to Coronavirus A-SPAN has implemented emergency protocols to ensure the safety of staff, clients and volunteers. At this time we are unable to use on-site volunteers.

Donate In-kind:

Updated COVID-19 Clothing Policy attached here.

Contact Porter Lesiv regarding any other donations such as toiletries, personal protective equipment, or other in-kind donations.

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