The Lora Rinker "Make It A Home" Fund

MakeItAHomeA-SPAN continues to place people into housing through our Homelessness Prevention Program and Rapid Rehousing Program and our Permanent Supportive Housing Program. Additionally,A-SPAN was a big part of Arlington County’s 100 Homes Campaign which reduced chronic homelessness in Arlington by 50% by 2014.

For a formerly homeless person to truly feel at home in their new apartment, they need furnishings to “Make It A Home.” In 2009, A-SPAN began the “Make It A Home” Fund through funding from the Frederick S. Upton Foundation and our generous donors’ support. On our 20th anniversary in 2011, the Fund was renamed for our Founder, Mrs. Lora Rinker.

The “Make It A Home Fund” provides funding to purchase brand new furniture at a deep discount for a person moving into a home after years spent on the streets. Everyone deserves a safe place of their own, and a warm bed to sleep in.


You can help make that a reality by donating today.