Permanent Supportive Housing

2_1_13 Mr. Clark with keysA-SPAN has two HUD funded permanent supportive housing programs known as In-Roads and Striving Home. The Permanent Supportive Housing Program first provides housing for people who were chronically homeless and suffer from substance abuse and/or mental illness. After clients are housed, PSH provides ongoing support to help clients retain housing through assistance with daily challenges, financial literacy training, assistance with budgeting, and so on. Last year, the program provided housing to 44 people. PSH now houses veterans through A-SPAN’s work with Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, and A-SPAN as an organization has placed 17 veterans into housing over the past three years with plans to house an additional 19 homeless vets by the end of 2015.


Studies have shown that people are more receptive to social supports once they’re in housing. This is the basis for A-SPAN’s and Arlington County’s “Housing-First” approach.

For further information about Permanent Supportive Housing Programs, contact Ayana Bellamy at 703-228-7840 or

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