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david stanleyDavid Stanley began volunteering with A-SPAN over a year ago. Meticulous and orderly, he began doing data entry for our various housing program. HUD & County Housing grants require much record-keeping, a task that ordinarily takes up a good deal of staff time. By providing this service, Mr. Stanley not only guarantees up follow-up grants, he also frees up outreach staff to seek out and serve more homeless clients. We are ever grateful to Mr. Stanley and others like him who serve as volunteer part-time staff and proud to name him our October A-LIST Volunteer of the Month.

What was your first volunteering experience?

I began assisting A-SPAN as a volunteer at the end of September 2009 by providing routine clerical office support three days a week.

Why did you start volunteering at A-SPAN?

I have volunteered for political and community service since I was in High School. After I was laid off from my job in 2008, I wanted to continue to work and decided to ask A-SPAN if I could be of some service.

Why do you continue to volunteer at A-SPAN?

I have continued to volunteer at A-SPAN for over a year now because my services appear to be useful and are openly and regularly appreciated.

What is your favorite thing about being a volunteer here?

I enjoy working with a great group of thoughtful and considerate people that are dedicated to helping the citizens of Arlington.

What impact do you think you have on our community?

Through the clerical support I provide to A-SPAN, I hope that the organization is able to document the number of people they help and identify on a weekly basis the amount of resources necessary for the continuation of their community outreach efforts.

What have you gained from volunteering at A-SPAN?

I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to contribute my time and energy to A-SPAN so that this great group of people may continue to assist men and women in need in Arlington, Virginia.

Would you encourage other people to volunteer at A-SPAN? Why or why not?

It is my hope that all Arlington residents who want to reduce hunger and homelessness in their community will take the next step and volunteer their time, energy or funds to an organization such as A-SPAN.