A-SPAN’s COVID-19 Preparedness

on March 13, 2020 News with 0 comments

As a key Arlington community nonprofit partner, we understand the importance of A-SPAN’s continued support for the homeless individuals and veterans we serve during this unprecedented global health event. The health and well-being for our most vulnerable neighbors remains our mission focus during these difficult times.

A-SPAN values each and every individual client, staff member, volunteer, supporter, their extended families and the greater community as a whole. Everyone’s safety and well-being is important to us. We have been monitoring COVID-19 developments closely along with our local government, community resources, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. As the situation continues to evolve, our senior leadership staff and board have put plans in place to maintain a safe work environment for everyone while providing continued services to our clients.

These protocols include guidance for A-SPAN volunteers, food donations, general household donations and clothing donations.

What A-SPAN is doing in response to COVID-19

  • We have activated our Emergency Plan that includes:
    • Telecommuting for non-essential staff members in order to maintain business continuity;
    • Providing clients and staff with information and best practices to prevent the spread of any illness;
    • Temporarily suspending all volunteers and volunteer opportunities, whether they are on site at the Homeless Services Center or offsite at the Homeless Bagged Meal Program (HBMP);
    • Temporarily suspending the donation of all prepared outside food into the facility. We cannot accept food that is not pre-packaged until further notice; and
    • Continuing communications and coordinated response with local community partners and resources.

Our priorities remain to care for those most vulnerable, as well as our staff and their families.


Betsy Frantz

Interim President/CEO