Life goes on and so does our work at A-SPAN

on June 4, 2020 News Archive with 0 comments
Have you ever wondered what a Case Manager does?
A-SPAN’s case managers are there to support our clients. They frequently check in with them to see how there are doing, as well as keep them informed of our services. Case managers help clients deal with day to day issues so they don’t become overwhelmed. As a result, we are able to keep 95% of our housed clients in housing!


What’s changed since COVID?
Our clients, like any other people, have reacted in different ways towards the loss of control in their routines and the quick changes to their day to day living. The job of our case managers continues to be one of guidance and support. And maybe even more so now. Some clients need more encouragement and may be experiencing increased anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic. Others may need to be given more space. And all of them need accurate information from trusted sources. Our case managers are there for them! Even working remotely, our case managers maintain a close connection with their clients to ease their concerns and share available services.


What’s always been a part of their work?
Our team continues to work hard by housing individuals, ensuring rent and utilities are current for clients, maintaining good relations between clients and landlords, keeping referrals current at the food bank and other resources and continue corresponding with the various service providers that our clients are connected with.


Ruth, one of A-SPAN’s Permanent Supportive Housing case managers said, “Regardless of the stay at home order mandated by our governor, and the continuous threat of the pandemic, life goes on and so does our work at A-SPAN.”