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Graduate from DC Central Kitchen’s Arlington Culinary Training Program moves into his own apartment.

Fall 2011

The weight that James Muse carried for years was a by-product of a substance abuse problem he has now overcome. His addiction led the native Arlingtonian to commit a robbery, which landed him in jail. After serving time, Mr. Muse discovered how difficult it can be for an ex-convict to find a job or a place to live. He spent the next six years sleeping on sofas, at shelters and on the streets.

In 2009, Mr. Muse was admitted to the Residential Program Center (RPC) and went through the its seven-month detox program. He enrolled in DC Central Kitchen’s Arlington Culinary Training Program. Upon graduation, he found work as a cook in Ballston. With help from a case manager at A-SPAN, he finally found a place to call home. “I signed my lease on Thursday, but couldn’t move in until Tuesday. I rode by my apartment each day on a bus, looking at it but not able to go in.”

After A-SPAN helped him furnish his apartment through the “Make It A Home” Fund, Mr. Muse finally moved in.