“I Was Out Of Resources…”

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Spring 2010

At the age of 57, after 40 years of struggling with alcohol, Nathaniel Randolph made a choice. He “could either die or go to jail. I was out of resources and I couldn’t get a grip on nothing.” He called his friend and asked to be taken to a detox program at Arlington’s Residential Program Center. He wasn’t mentally prepared to become sober before then, but knows now that if he had not enrolled in the program on that fateful March day in 2008, he would be dead right now.

After successfully completing the detox program, Mr. Randolph submitted dozens of applications and resumes online. Though his addiction made work difficult, he had always managed to find jobs as a handyman, mechanic, or computer repairman. The recession made his job search a challenge, but he finally landed a job at Harris Teeter. Even though he was working full time, Mr. Randolph continued to struggle with financial and personal issues.

Concerned, his therapist directed him to the HPRP program. He began working with Sam Gatewood, his HPRP Case Manager at A-SPAN, who served as an advocate during the HPRP application process. Mr. Gatewood encouraged him to move out of his temporary situation and into a motel that the County located for him while he waited for an apartment to become available. Akeria Brown, A-SPAN’s Housing Locator, found him an apartment at Woodbury Apartments. On December 22, 2009, after being sober for well over a year, Mr. Randolph got the call that his apartment was ready. He moved in the very next day. “It was the best Christmas present ever!”

A-SPAN purchased him a new bed through their “Make-It-A-Home” fund. Mr. Randolph is still doing well at Harris Teeter and enjoys helping people, answering their questions, and assisting them find items. He is grateful for the HPRP program and likes having a place “where I can have my own stuff and I don’t have to tiptoe around anyone. The life I am living today, two years ago I couldn’t imagine. I’m clean, I got a job, and I got a place to live. I’m feeling pretty good about myself.”

(The client’s name has been changed for privacy)