6 Ways A-SPAN’s Day Program Helps Neighbors in Need

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You may have heard that A-SPAN has a Day Program, but do you know what that entails? A-SPAN’s Day Program at the Homeless Services Center is a multifaceted program that exists thanks to the hard work of Day Program staff and volunteers. They ensure that everyone who walks through those double doors is in a safe place and has equal access to available resources. Check out some of those resources below.

1. Cleanliness

A-SPAN’s Day Program offers a place for our neighbors in need to come take a shower. We also have washers and dryers for clients to wash their clothes. Clients can also get fresh and clean clothes from the clothing room while their old clothes are being washed.

2. Food

The Homeless Services Center is home to a full service kitchen manned by A-SPAN chef Glenn Jahnsen. Neighbors in need can receive a healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clients who work also have the option to take a bagged meal with them to their jobs.

3. Substance Abuse Help

A-SPAN’s community partners offer substance abuse help at The Center. Clients can participate in 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to deal with substance abuse issues.

4. Mental Health

TOW (Treatment on Wheels) provides one on one counseling to Day Program clients who have mental health issues. They offer treatment, support and guidance with dealing with mental health issues. This is in addition to offering life skills classes in the Homeless Services Center classroom. These classes equip clients with necessary tools for success like how to live with a group or conflict resolution.

5. Health Classes

A-SPAN Nurse Practitioner Kasia Shaw often hosts health classes on how to deal with common illnesses such as diabetes. These courses teach clients how to manage certain illness and overcome others. Disease prevention classes are also taught.

6. Total Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit

New to the Homeless Services Center are more fun and educational classes like yoga, jewelry making and creative writing. These classes and others like them provide clients with creative outlets. Creative writing and art therapy and jewelry making classes are led by generous volunteers and allow clients to use their creativity and channel any sort of emotions they are feeling to make something beautiful. While clients are doing these activities they are able to forget their problems for the time being and focus on doing something fun and creative.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in supporting the Day Program there are a few ways you can do that.

  1. Contribute financially by making a donation
  2. Volunteer to lead a class at the Center*
  3. Donate gently used or new clothing items or supplies for creative classes

* All volunteers must attend Volunteer Orientation before beginning to volunteer.

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