Building Trust 24 Hours a Day

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“You would never know what it’s like if you’ve never seen it first-hand,” Outreach Worker, Carlos Lopez reflects upon his most recent venture into the unseen nightlife of Arlington County. From 3:30 am to 10:30 am, six members of the A-SPAN team, including Carlos, conducted an annual day of outreach in hopes of connecting with new clients. This year, Pheonix Bikes graciously supplied the team with bicycles, allowing our team to cover more ground.

Cruising around Theodore Roosevelt Island, Senior Outreach Worker, David Ordonez, took the opportunity to teach A-SPAN’s new staff about outreach and building relationships with clients. This year was a first for Carlos and new OP Case Manager, Rachel Fronczak. Rachel revealed that the most impactful moment for her occurred when they went into the woods and she witnessed the living conditions of some of A-SPAN’s clients. “There was one individual camping out in a tent in the middle of the woods. We had to be careful when approaching the tent. David called out multiple times so as not to alarm anyone sleeping. It was surreal to see the set-up, complete with a bucket to use in place of a toilet…I could not imagine what it was really like until I saw it for myself.”

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