Homeless Bagged Meal Program

HBMPIn 1988, two women living in Arlington County began preparing bagged meals from their homes and serving them to homeless people one night a week. This bagged meal program gradually grew throughout the years to become Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network, which was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1992. Today, over 1,000 volunteers from faith groups, schools, businesses and the community prepare and serve up to 50 meals daily through the Homeless Bagged Meal Program (HBMP). Through all of our meal programs, A-SPAN distributes over 30,000 meals annually. The outdoor serving location is located in Virginia Square.


Hours and Locations

6pm, Monday – Wednesday: St. George’s Episcopal Church, 915 N. Oakland Street, Arlington.
– Learn more about the St. George’s Episcopal Church HOST Program, a vital partner program of the A-SPAN HBMP.

6pm, Thursday – Sunday: Oakland Park, N. Oakland Street & N. 9th Street, Arlington (near the Virginia Square metro station)

Learn More


For further information, contact Porter Lesiv at plesiv@a-span.org or 703-228-7815.