A-SPAN's Shelter Program

The Shelter Program at the Homeless Services Center offers sleeping arrangements for over 80 people per night (55 shelter beds, five medical respite beds, and 25 additional beds from November – March during hypothermia season), provides three meals daily, showers, laundry facilities, and access to case managers and medical services. Last year, 506 people received shelter for a total of 10,236 shelter stays, 10 were placed into housing directly from the shelter.

A-SPAN’s shelter services are now available year-round, both during the hypothermia season and throughout the year. This provides continuity of service, and helps our clients achieve a higher level of stability and wellness. It will lead to more people in need getting into housing.

Case management, mental health, and substance abuse services and meals are available to shelter guests. Case managers link shelter guests to alternative year round emergency shelters as well as transitional and permanent housing programs. They assist guests with dental and medical referrals. A-SPAN’s Employment Coordinator assists individuals seeking stable employment. Mental health and substance abuse therapists are available through our partnership with Arlington County’s Treatment on Wheels program.

The HSC is located at: 2020-A N. 14th Street near the courthouse in Arlington. The number for the Shelter Program is 703-228-7802.

For further information about the Shelter Program, contact Terrance Toussaint at 703-228-7842 or ttoussaint@a-span.org.